Historian of the Social and Domestic Life of Britain

I am a free lance historian working with museums, theatre, television and educational establishments. I offer advice services, lectures and practical workshops as well as presenting a range of television programmes.

My particular interest is the domestic. How we lived our daily lives, the practical nitty gritty, and why we did it that way. These seemingly little things change the world. Our day to day routines have a huge cumulative effect on the environment, our shopping habits can sway the world's patterns of trade, how we organise and run our family life sets the political tone of nations. We matter. Us, the little people, women, children and even men. How our ancestors solved the problems of everyday life made the world what it is today.

To contact me please refer any enquiries to my agent Vicki McIvor at Take 3 Management

email: vicki@take3management.com